This video addresses the following points : the client feedback which originally led to the development of EasyCast and its founding principals an overview of the the EasyCast Studio : how it works and key features a brief description of the…

Jukka Sormunen‘s insight:

Good introduction to UbiCast world by ceo. Tanguy Yu. 

By UbiCast product line you can brand your own videochannel! 

AND that`s, what we are doing!

  • We will brand NEW Finnish KurssiTV in next following weeks.
  • Servers are in Finland.
  • Unlimited videospace for you organisation.
  • Without advertisments in the video or after that!
  • Safe and AD integration possibility
  • Compatible with all main learning platforms
  • Integrated to Mobie OnEdu and Mobie Zine e-Publication system.
  • Pricing for schools and organisations will be really reasonable!
  • Starting from 25€/month.
  • Your organisation could be eligible for FREE 1st Year!

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