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March 2015

WayTools Unveils TextBlade. Touch-Typing Breakthrough.

Dreamy typing is now just 1/3 the size of iPhone 6. MultiTouch hooks up with BIG keys, and … Breakthrough. Where will you write?


Pieneksi menee!


AutoCam presenter tracking example

This video shows how our unique Autocam software presenter tracking works : by extracting only a portion of a 1080p video, we deliver a more engaging and visually pleasent experience to the viewer.


We are using this one too. Have a try!

OnEdu Shop » Shindo kehotyöskentelyopas


Uudenlaisia oppaita OnEdu kauppapaikassa.

NEW UbiCast – Homepage


New web page for Ubicast. Congratulations!

We are also proud to announce from Finland that we have two new resellers for Scandinavia. Mr. Jan Fjeldkåsa and Mr. Rasmus Lindberg.

You can reach them:: (+358 50 4627694) and (+35 40 5090234)

OnEdu Shop » Osastot » Terveys ja lääketiede


Nyt on avattu OnEdu kauppapaikkaan uusi kategoria ja mediaproducer Jukka on pääsyt töihin. Ylpeä ensimmäisestä myyntituotteesta digijulkaisun puolelle.

TAZ presents Romania

TAZ is proud to present the third new country to its world map within a week: Romania.
The latest member of TAZ family, Universum, has more than 10 years of expertise in large scale event management.


Peer-to-peer promotion: ActionTrack spreads to an Italian school

ActionTrack has been adopted by the first Italian school.


UbiCast – UbiCast listed on official YouTube Live supported encoders

UbiCast listed on official YouTube Live supported encoders: YouTube released the official list of encoders ful…


Jyväskylä opetuspalvelut pilotoi KurssiTV palvelua.

Jyväskylän perusopetus pilotoi suomalaista KurssiTV palvelua (perustuu UbiCast palvelumalliin).


Pilotin tarkoituksena löytää kestävä malli 13.000 oppilaan videotuotantoon, joten haastetta on!

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